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K. Kuzmin - My favorite lures - Shallow crankbaits, minnow

So far, in their publications about fishing with spinning, I tried to focus on the technology of fishing, paying relatively little attention to what is bound to end of line.

Mid-fan spinning tends to overestimate the significance of the bait and once again go into an analysis of what, for example, "porolonka" differs from "rubber" on the ability to attract the fish - it just adds not correct the alignment of priorities. However, a significant difference between the spinning lures in a single class is still there, and it would be a mistake to ignore it altogether. Therefore there is, in my opinion, the need to give a series of publications on the baits with a very specific binding to specific models.

The form of presentation - there are possible alternatives. An interesting scheme is adopted, for example, in a conference on wobbler site www.vlasenko.ru. There, anglers can take part in the action entitled "Hit Parade", publishing (with or without commentary), a list of those models, wobblers, which, in their experience, the best way to show themselves - in general or for some predatory fish, for all time or in the current season. As a result, the visitor of the conference is composed of more or less adequate picture of the relative value of a wobbler that, in fact, is to organize the "Hit Parade".

Option, which I suggest may be more subjective, since it is based mainly on estimates of one person, but in the facts underlying them, I'm a hundred percent. On each of those baits that are included in the review actually caught a fish - from a few 'tails' up to a hundred or more. Presentation is as follows: count the bait, its name and characteristics, "track record", the recommendation for use. Unfortunately, due to lack of a directory or package, I do not have the exact names of some of the models (there is only the name of firm), but it seems not supercritical. Perhaps I have submitted a set of baits will be minimal overlap with yours. I figure, for example, models from companies A, B and C, and you're familiar with assortments of companies C, D and E. Suppose that you are not surprised, because the number of brands of spinning baits are presented on the Russian market, not less than fifty. And if each firm has on average a half-dozen models of this class, you just remember that you can not hurry. If you can not find your favorite lures in my file, it does not mean that to me it belongs to the unloved. Rather, I simply have not tried it yet in operation. Or the other option: the bait was, but fell victim to malicious or treacherous snags schuchih teeth. The review mentions only "live" bait, which I have preserved at least in one instance.

Part 1. Shallow-water lures, minnow

I'll start with the type of spinning lures, which even does not take long in the popularity rating one of the first position, but the dynamics of growth of this indicator of looking to improve their spinning in the last two years - without any competition. Minnow-baits, unlike Crank, resemble one another - this class of baits rather conservative in geometric parameters, and therefore it is very difficult to identify any fundamental difference between one minnow from another. However, they are, and specialists in this type of bait, I'm sure will agree with me here. Price aspect in relation to the minnow, of course, is important but not decisive. Therefore, the review included baits with a very wide range: eighty rubles and up to four with a tail. It is also essential that these crankbaits on the package, even very expensive, the characteristics are not always clearly coincide with the real. Of these characteristics is most important for us to class buoyancy, and for each wobbler I will dwell on it separately. In order presentation-minnow crankbaits, I decided to start from the most intuitive of their physical parameters - the length. Let's start with the most miniature.

A. Masu Masters minnow (3,8 cm, 1.8 oz.)

The smallest of the existing I-minnow crankbaits at the same time the most "killer" if you target the perch so-called "spootivnogo" size, ie, mass, rarely exceeding '50 It is clear that any serious fishing you're unlikely to catch the targeted a fish, but here's the competition, taking place in "neklevoe" time malorybnoy area, this lure will give you a big head start over rivals, who for one reason or another did not catch on lures lightest class. As a real, confirming this idea an example I can recall past events, "Moscow perch" where the result of the winners was made solely by means of this model.

Wobblers - floating, but the buoyant - within a reasonable tolerance, and the best option to use it - summer perch fishing in moderately shallow water area of ​​overgrown grass. Very good bite on it, and chub in small streams, but fish in relation to this concept of "sporting size" is not so, and so catching up to 100 g golavlikov better not to get carried away by changing to a bigger lure.

Two. DaMiKi Pirami (4 cm, 1.9 oz.)

A cheaper analog of the previous wobbler. And the overall performance of its easier and cheaper troynichki, but the perch, and this model caught great! Perhaps no one other specific bait I caught so many bass waters in the capital, as this simple Asian wobbler. And we are talking about one single instance of it, which I have now in its fifth year. One very well, he avoids the dead snags and teeth schuryat. Masu Masters Ot it differs by the fact that he is less buoyant, and with the mikropovodka (4 cm from the first guitar string), which I often use in a pair with the crank, it is suspending at all. This gives an advantage when it comes to catching bass or retarded relative to the cold autumn water, making it slightly larger than normal pause between pulls. But still the primary method of posting a wobbler - this is purely tviching perch, that is, short pulls almost without pauses between them. Wobblers on this posting twitches almost randomly - it can, for example, the three jerks in a row to go right, then two - to the left, but it's just such a character of the movement, which is the hardest "gets" perch.

I caught this minnow and exotic - a few dace on the Moscow River and the fish-pond at the Rotanov that textile workers.

Three. Jackson Trout type (5.5 cm, 3.5 oz.)

The level of the wobbler and my faith in him alone characterizes the fact is that all perch on the first day of last year's championship of Russia, I caught it on him. Wobblers are not cheap, but the execution - just excellent, and most importantly - it really is very well caught fish.

The Japanese invested principal, according to their plan, the purpose of this minnow in the title. Indeed, the lures of this type is very well caught brook trout, but still more familiar to most of us have conditions - a perch lure. And if you focus on a lot of bass in the range of about 50-150 g, then perhaps it is best of all the minnow, with whom I am familiar with in practice. This sinking lure pronounced that distinguishes it from drugihminnou our review. In this case, this difference has important practical significance. All other things being equal, the parameters of it for about half a gram heavier than the floating counterparts, which provides an additional 5-7 m casting, and ultralayte a "delta" is very important. It allows you to quickly "break through" the waters in search of active bass. It is active, as for the "persuasion" passive bass more suited minnow as close to suspending.

There was an episode when I almost lost it a wobbler - 400-gram pickerel swallowed it so that very short leash was a steel with the crank by his full mouth. But nothing happened. Lose the bait would be a shame, because to find the baits Jackson in our country is very difficult.

4. Owner C'ultiva Rip'N Minnow (6,5 cm, 6.5 oz.)

This lure, I caught a total of no more than a dozen perch, though, to be honest, for the sake of the experiment is tried. In fact, guided by its standard size data, I (Hit it to me now for the first time) thought it would be very suitable minnow fishing for perch average. But do not Okunevaya this model - this is now possible to draw a conclusion. But on the pike - all exactly the opposite: despite the small size of the wobbler, the predator grabs it eagerly. However, once a reservation is that this picture is not always and not everywhere, but you will agree, if there were such a lure, which caught the fish at any time and any place, no longer a need for all the other ...

So, we have a wobbler, which stands somewhat apart. He and his form is markedly different from the average mine - a little "pot-bellied," and the work is not similar to one another. First, for its size, he is thrown to a very great distance. Secondly, it is a distinct suspending, making it the most efficient including when fishing in very cold water with wiring tvichingom with larger pauses (up to 2 seconds). Third, this lure has repeatedly "shoots" with my asp fishing on the background of more than mediocre results of other crankbaits.

Five. DAM Effzett 3d (7 cm, 5 oz.)

This minnow, though similar in specifications to the previous one, but in fact are very much different from him. Immediately, I note that in the range offered by the ladies, before there was a minnow crankbaits class in the strict sense. A, this (and some of these lures other sizes) got me not so long ago as a pilot model of the program in 2005 I kept them actively "drove" on the reservoirs near Moscow, and made some valuable observations for themselves.

It is this - a 7-inch - was in great demand in a situation where parallel and perch are caught in the 100-200 g, and small (on average 400-600 g) pike. This picture is very characteristic, and not only in the practice of spinning the Moscow region. That is, this is the optimal value was: if lure a little more - is already losing a considerable part of the perch bite is less - are beginning to overcome quite so shameful "pencils." Athletes, by the way, it is also worth bearing in mind: the new 7-inch minnow DAMovsky gives a real chance of success in the pursuit of two rabbits. Wobblers is this length - slightly sinking, which, as already noted, is valuable for high-speed search for active bass. Next in line DAMovskoy-9-inch minnow, which is mainly pike, already floated slowly. This difference may be a coincidence, but ideally, in my experience, this is how it should be: the best minnow - one that is close to suspending, but if it is more designed for bass, you must have a slight negative buoyancy, the pike - a weak positive.

As long as it remains for me to doubt - it's colors minnow firm Dames. They filled in a rather dark. Fish in the many times I was convinced, by and large do not care. Angler as it is often useful to have a bright minnow - or rather, with a light back. So it is easier to track visually - this is sometimes necessary. However, there is evidence that other than "natural" coloring options, and soon to be available "signal".

6. Rapala LC minnow (9 cm, 11 gr.)

This lure is interesting because in it the center of gravity moving system is implemented in a balsa body, not plastic, as is usually accepted. It corresponds to its name - really Long Casting, ie long range, although it has a slight positive buoyancy. When compared to rapalovskoy classics (I mean the model Original), LC is thrown and a half times more. In addition, Original - more floating, and it is not very good for ryvkovoy equipment wiring, so it is one of those wobblers, which is assumed uniform in the main animation. But Rapala Long Casting - is for all of your symptoms typically tvichingovy wobbler. Fantastic performance it is true, I never showed, but the reverse pattern, when the other minnow pike bite, but on this one - does not pay attention, I do not remember.

That the coloring that you see in the photo, you can hardly find. This is me, having two exactly alike painted a wobbler, walked on either side of one of them an indelible marker, rather - nothing better to do than with meaning. But ideally, I would like to once again draw attention to it, shallow minnow should be colored differently. Most, in my opinion, correct - take a fluorescent yellow paint and spend all along the back of a wobbler broad band.

7. DaMiKi Sibas (9 cm, 8 oz.)

Here, the optimal coloring. However, the average buyer will likely lure one that executed in color closer to the real fish - these colors are called "commercial". As for the practical impact on fishing, there is the communist principle, declaring that the majority opinion - is the correct view, does not work. It is this unnatural color of carrot minnow I caught more pike than any other lures, which I happened to catch a quarter of a century of "voblernogo experience!" Although specific calculations, I did not conduct, but the leadership of this unpretentious minnow in my personal hitparade already evident. I had two more similar wobbler other colors, but they "died in infancy." On the carrot, I regularly catch the sixth year, and he is still alive. However, in its present state of my most honored pike minnow has a "disability": last summer he broke off the blade, and I, instead, as in such cases should be, to throw a wobbler, and set him to "graft" in the form of aluminum blades . This is - in violation of all principles "voblerostroeniya," but I was forced to do so, since the sale of this model under any name or Pirami Sibac, or under any other is not found. Of course, I managed to catch a few "tails" and this lure with a "non-native" blade, but implicitly understand that this is not the same ...

In general, a 9-inch wobbler DaMiKi performed very correctly: it has a minimal positive buoyancy, almost circular in cross-section body and sharp and strong in the measure (ie, at the toe extensors, but not fish) tees.

Eight. Mega Bait (10 cm, 9 oz.)

This minnow is probably closest to the preceding by its physical and geometrical parameters. His track record as long as I do I can not say - at least, because I have it in just a few months. As is typical for this wobbler at a measured tvichinge it gives a very correct game - such as described in U.S. books and magazines. If no other minnow with successive pulls could jerk in the other, and in the other direction, the Mega Bait comes as a pattern: right, left, right and left. I can not say that this is just what is required and provides the highest result since the other minnow who shy away fro the most erratic manner, the fish is also very well caught. Yet last point is more about catching bass, pike minnow regular course clearly preferable.

9. Strike Pro (10,5 cm, 11 gr.)

In this bait, I was forced to believe in the last day of the championship of Russia - after a serious pike "otela" I have a minnow, which I thought was the most workers, and I had to start immediately in the case understudy for the role of which was selected because this lure. Understudy did not disappoint: three out of five then caught a pike - on his "conscience."

What is good on minnow Strike Pro? It is moderately rolling, and not too heavy, but due to most effectively performed by the system reverberating ball flies very well, not somersaulting in the air. In addition, the Taiwanese minnow is very noisy. We can argue about how to add all kinds of rattles can bite, but a neutral view with which I agree, is that less of them, certainly not becoming.

What is this lures can someone not like it - it was too easy with him schuchimi teeth removed paint. But it's - how you look: in fact, for example, in the classic jeans property lost in time the ink is a substance more dignity than the other way around. For crankbaits, in my view, justified by the same criterion: scratches, scrapes and bald spots in the lacquer - all this creates is the most combat-type and inspires confidence in the bait.

10. Jackson Athlete (10,5 cm, 10.5 oz.)

This model from the range of Japanese firms (not to be confused, please, from the Polish by Jaxon!) Very floating. If you pay attention to the details of the picture, you will notice that the sockets are different. It's just I was trying to reduce the influence of the Archimedes force, changing to heavier hooks. However, a noticeable effect is not produced, as to compensate for the excess buoyancy was necessary additional loading of a gram and a half at least, and this is achieved by other means. However, in the end I left in much the lure as it is - all the same proximity to the suspending minnow is not all that mandatory uelovie.

I pronounced floating minnow has its scope.

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